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Hey Guys, I just rented a vehicle from late October through late November through your site. When I first discovered the site I was desperate to try any one as the costs I was getting direct from the rental companies was about double where I wanted to be. Even with those useless discount codes they give from airlines etc. I stumbled across you guys, I entered my reservation requirements and it came in at half the cost. No word of a lie. The thing that always bites in the USA is all those extra charges like CDW, airport taxes, scratching yourself tax, rubber tax, petrol cap opening tax etc; that they are so fond of. So on arriving in Miami at Dollar I half expected all these additional costs to suddenly appear, but none. Zero. It was brilliant. They did try to up-sell me of course but I was determined to stick with the deal I had. So well done guys, I haven’t stopped recommending your business to many friends and business associates. Whatever you do, don’t change, don’t get greedy. Keep doing what you are doing and you’ll grow a great big successful business. Well done.

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